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Performance, Instruction and Rentals
Performance, Instruction and Rentals
Instruction and Rentals
My Philosophy
My approach to teaching harp is Suzuki based.  I take a positive approach to teaching and point the student to what they are doing right.  While I am not a strict a ‘Suzuki’ teacher I love the philosophy and find it to be a confidence builder.  If this is not fun, then why do it?

I have had the good fortune to study with some of the best Harpists in the United States.  Through their instruction I have learned to play relaxed.  Being relax while playing the harp is a large part of learning how to play correctly (which means never playing with pain in your hands, arms, back, neck or anywhere!).  Learning good technique will allow you to play the harp for many, many years to come pain free.

Student Requirements
I teach students from 3 years old through Seniors Adults.  No prior knowledge of music is necessary, just the desire to learn.

Weekly harp lessons are 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes, depending on your age and if you are learning to play a lever harp or pedal harp.  

u must have a harp at your home to practice on.  If you need a harp, I have Lyon and Healy Folk harps that I rent exclusively to my students.  This is a month to month rental so the harp may be returned when you purchase a harp of your own or harp lessons are terminated.  The rental harps are NOT for sale.

There is no need to bring your harp to your harp lesson.  You will find lever and pedal harps in the studio for you to play.  

I am often asked, "Will I have to practice my harp every day?"  The answer is very simple, No. You don't have to play every day...only on the days that you eat.  My one rule is, if you eat as much as one raisin then you must play your harp that day.  

Common sense will tell you, the more you practice the better you will become.  It is more than that.  You must also learn to focus to make the most of every moment that you spend with the harp.  Harp technique takes time and repetitions to develop.  Every one progresses at their own speed.

Music is a gift to be given away
I find traditional recitals to be too stressful for the student, parents AND when we perform it is in a group and it is for the community, not just the harp families. 
Several times during the year I take my students to various locations to perform as a community service.  We go to assisted care facilities, senior centers, libraries, bookstores, etc...   Performing in a group helps to build confidence and it is more fun to play with more harpists.  We have had as many as 14 harps play together in a performance.  It is a beautiful sight, and sound, to behold.  
My goal for every student is to have a positive experience at every performance, building confidence and learning the joy that comes through giving music. 

Georgia Harp Ensemble
 As the harp student progresses, you may be invited to participate in the Georgia Harp Ensemble.  This ensemble was created by me in 1999 as an outlet for harpists to bring their talents together in a true ensemble setting.  This group rehearses once a month and performs my arrangements of classical, folk, swing and popular styles of music.  

From January to June I use the ‘Suzuki Harp School’ books or standard harp music. During the summer students learn pieces they choose.  Also, in the summer we have a chance to explore composition, theory, and musicianship.  By the end of September through December we are all hard at work learning Christmas and Holiday songs. 

Learning harp technique begins at the first lesson.  All students work through the "Method for the Harp" by Grossi technique book. 

Students who need to learn how to read music will work through my ‘Learn How to Read Music the Fun Way’ books, one treble clef book and one bass clef book.  Once complete we will turn our attention to music theory and composition through computer games and music programs.

When to begin
What better time than right now!
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