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Performance, Instruction and Rentals
Performance, Instruction and Rentals
Special Events/FAQ

Intimate ceremonies or elaborate affairs, the harp provides a wonderful ambiance for an enchanted occasion.  And a memory to last a lifetime.


  On the day of your wedding, I will arrive at least one hour before your scheduled wedding time and begin playing when your first guest arrive. 

  What is your style is for your wedding? Traditional, classical, contempory, religious?You select the harp music that best represents your style.

  It is important that you hear in person the musician you would like to perform for your wedding.  That is why I  invite you to my harp studio where I will play for you in person.  While visiting, you will be able to hear and see the harp that will be at your wedding. Then you can book your date with confidence and there will be no unwanted surprises. Please contact me for an appointment time.

As your guests arrive they will be greeted with sound of beautiful harp music (the Prelude).  The music will continue with the entrances of the Grandparents, Mothers, Wedding Party and the Bride (the Processional).  I encourage couples to include music during the ceremony if they have included elements such as: the Unity Candle, a Memory Candle, the Rose Ceremony, a Sand Ceremony and/or Communion.  Harp music will begin to play as the Bride and Groom are announced and leave the ceremony area and will continue with the exit of the Wedding Party, Mothers and Grandparents.  One last piece will be played as your guests leave the ceremony area.

Receptions, Parties, Brunches, Teas, Banquets
A variety of styles of music (classical, contempory, top 40, standards) and styles will help your event to keep going.  When contracted 2 hours or less I do not take a break.  You will get the most harp music for your money.  When performing more than 2 hours, I will take small 5 minute breaks throughout the evening.  I never go far from the harp.

Harp music has a very soothing effect on the soul.  During a loved ones time of transition, the harp can provide the calm peace that is needed for the Hospice patient as well as the family members.  

Funerals, Graveside Services, Visitations
Each person handles grief in their own way.  Harp music touches the soul beyond where words travel.  What better way to memorialize a beloved than lovely tones of a harp.  Surrounded by the love of family and friends, harp music brings comfort to all in attendance.  


What do you charge?
Each event is individually priced.

How do I secure my date with you?
When you contact me about your event, I will check my calendar and tell you if I have your day and time available.  At that time we will arrange an appointment in my harp studio for you to visit and listen to me play.  If you decide that you would like to book me I will hand you a one page contract for your event.  It will include the date, time, location and fee we agree upon.  At the time of contracting I require a check for the full amount of your event, post dated to one month before your event.  I will hold your check with your contract until the month coming into your event date.  Cancellations within 30 days of your event I expect payment in full.

Do you play solo or with another instrument?
I perform as a soloist most of the time.  Should you desire an additional instrument with the harp, I have performed with a violin or flute and can arrange a duo to perform.  An additional fee is required to accompany a vocalist or instrumentalist.  This fee covers the additional time we will use to rehearse BEFORE the day of the event AND arriving earlier than my normal time to run through the piece on location.

I would like to have a piece sung.  Do you know a vocalist?
I know many vocalists who are willing to perform for events.  I do charge an additional fee to accompany a vocalist or instrumentalist.  This fee covers the additional time we will use to rehearse BEFORE the day of the event AND arriving earlier than my normal time to run through the piece on location.

Would you accompany someone with out having a rehearsal?
No!  You are going to remember your event forever.  It is my job to ensure that your memory is a good one.  Arriving prepared for a performance is part of being a professional.

Are you willing to travel outside the Metro-Atlanta area?
Yes.  I travel all over the Southeast.  Some locations require an additional travel fee.

What do I need to provide for you?
All you need to provide for me is a space of about 5 foot square.  I bring everything else with me that I will need for your event.

What if I am unable to come to your studio to listen to you play in person?
Many times I work with Clients who are out of the Atlanta area or unable to schedule an appointment to come in person to listen to me play.  In this case, we can arrange a phone consultation.  I will email you the pages that we would use if you were in the studio and I will play for you over the phone.

Will you play outdoor events?
Yes.  I require a level playing area to place the harp and bench.  Please keep in mind that while outside events are beautiful, they come with their own set of issues...heat, humidity, bugs, rain.  Please keep your family and friends in mind before scheduling a July or August wedding outside in the South.  A rain location must be in place BEFORE the event date and noted on the contract.  The harp is expensive and will not be subjected to scenarios that will cause damage.

Will the harp be loud enough?
In most cases the harp is loud enough to all your guests to hear.  In the rare instance that it is not, I do have amplification for the harp.  Keep in mind, putting the harp sound through amplification affects the tone quality of the harp.

What happens if I contract with you and something happens to prevent you from performing my event?
In the event that something unavoidable happens to me and I am unable to play for your event, I will find you another PROFESSIONAL harpist to take my place.  They will be made aware of your music requests and I will pay them the same contracted fee you gave me.  At no time will I EVER send a student to perform for me at an event I have contracted.  By the time I contact you I will have everything in place and you won't have to do a thing. 

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